See Why We’re Different

We came to realize a few years ago that Old School PR Firms aren’t keeping up with the world.

They still send 10  people to a meeting, bill you for the hours each person spends there, and even charge you for keeping track of their billings.

They try to prove their value to you by sending you a stack of clip books in January with re-run news releases published by a PR news wire, but likely were seldom read.

That’s not how we do business.

Our focus is on having social impact, providing you with innovation and inventions as solutions to the problems the Old PR Firms don’t even realize have questions yet.

Whether you work for a school district, business (large or small, domestic or foreign), work for a US domestic brand, or are interested in bridging our social connections with your ideas, services, or industry to create an exciting Hybrid Value Chain, we’re the company you’re looking for.  We know a lot is riding on Corporate Social Responsibility programs, particularly in an a devastated world economy.  Does a CSR program really have to lose money to make it valuable to someone besides your corporate accountants?  We don’t think so.   

If you want to change how you do business, we’re the company you seek. PR is not about the THUD a clip book makes in January, or about making decisions in a vacuum without community input.  And it’s not about being billed for entering billable hours.

Call us today and let’s start changing the world with your company.