Company Policies

Blog Posts

Blog posts on are to be reflective of current events in the business world.  We will endeavor not to take sides of an issue and instead seek to provide clarity of understanding from all points of view.  We enjoy highlighting trends, business best practices, brand blunders, and positive things done in order to build brand awareness and brand strength.  We will not take sides in a political debate, nor seek to begin one.

Client Integrity and Privacy

We understand that there are times when you might rely on discretion when it comes to doing business with our firm.  If that is the case, we will work double hard to ensure that your concerns are protected and your wishes are met.


When possible, we will seek to have you or your company make arrangements to have our expense included on a master account if it is required for us to travel to your city of operations.  This will help eliminate the burdens on both of us required for providing expense compensation, payments, lost checks, delayed checks, etc.  Our energies best are spent on delivering key services to you and your organization.  That’s how we provide you greater and more immediate value.


Claxton Creative, LLC does not and never will work on a billable-hour basis for our clients.  Only after an in depth discussion of what it is you or your company/organization are looking for will we even discuss a fee proposal.

Our compensation is based on the value we can bring to you or your organization.  We work with you as a partnership.  There’s a huge difference in what we do and our competitors do.  We are not your Old School PR Firm, nor a PR Fee Factory.

We believe it is foolish to provide you with a cookie cutter price or service.  If you’re looking for a PR firm that will quote you a package deal on its Website, a brochure, or with an operator who will quote you how much it will be for a standard Social PR Package, we are very sorry, but you need to go with one of those Old School PR Firms.  After they take advantage of you, please check back with us.

Laws of Texas and the United States

Since we are registered as an LLC within the state of Texas in the United States, all contested legal matters will be handled within the state of Texas’ legal system.  In doing business outside of the United States, we will first abide by the laws of your country, but also will ensure that no laws within the United States and the state of Texas are being violated either.