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Get To Know Donny Claxton

When he was 21 and serving as the editor of his college newspaper at Auburn University at Montgomery, Alabama, our owner, Donny Claxton, obtained a list allegedly kept by the city’s police department of 17 people who were “known AIDS victims.” When he reported his findings in the paper, it became a national news story. 

Straight out of college, he began working for the Governor of Alabama.  He worked for two in the next decade. In June 1994, he made Gov. Fob James the first Alabama gubernatorial candidate to have a public email address.

Early Adopter and Innovator of Technology

Technology and gadgets have always been his friends.  Way ahead of his time, he even tried to follow the OJ chase on CompuServe.  It didn’t keep up.

In February 1995, he was shown something called  a “browser” during the governor’s visit to the Alabama Super Computer in Huntsville.  The next day he went and bought a “How To Write HTML In A Week” book, and over the next five months wrote the foundations for the state’s official Website.

In November 2000, his company tested a Palm VII PQA that did exit polling in real time.  While traditional exit polling in Florida was a disaster, his company’s product proved dead accurate.

In Aug. 2001, he moved to Dallas and became the communications director for the 12th largest school district in America and within five months helped lead to the passage of then the largest education bond issue in Texas history–$1.37 billion.  Over the next 5.5 years he did hundreds of live radio and TV interviews, including appearances on MSNBC and CNN.

In Aug. 2008 while promoting math and science programs for ExxonMobil‘s CSR programs, he created his first Twitter account that now has more than 13,500 followers. Now he’s running Claxton Creative and clearly isn’t finished shaking things up.

The Wonders Expedition and Interactive Books for iPad

In December 2011, Mr. Claxton created a website focused on the science of Archaeoastronomy, featuring more than 250 of the ancient, medieval and modern Wonders of the World.  That work has led to a passion to create interactive Books for iPad on places most people will never have the chance to visit.

But it’s also leading to the adoption of the iBooks 3 app technology to other book authors and he’s clearly trying to do the equivalent of watching the OJ chase on CompuServe again.

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