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PR & Social Media--Claxton Creative

PR & Social Media

Claxton Creative PR & Social Media

Through years of work, we have established working relationships with members of the news media around the United States. Our favorite tagline of service is “We Make the News.” We explore your options for making news. We will never send the media a “press release.” We focus on the heart and meat of the news you’re generating and that’s what we share with the media via news releases focused on SEO and social media ease of use. Whether you’re dealing with Crisis Communications, a product release, new book publicity or Corporate Social Responsibility programs, we are ready to serve you.

News organizations we have worked with to make the news.

Our range of services in the field of Media Relations include:

  • Media Relations — Learn about our focused approach to getting mainstream media attention.
  • Crisis Communications — Learn how our experience can help your business/organization in crisis situations.
  • Book PublicityLearn about how we prepare you, your book, and your website and video trailers for release and book tours.
  • Issues Campaigns — Learn about how we support and raise awareness for issues campaigns with societal and global impact.
  • Political Campaigns — Learn about how we have helped win 70 percent of the political races in which we’ve been involved.
  • Event ManagementLearn about how we have organized events, big and small, and with big bangs and big bands.
  • School District PRLearn about how we have worked in and with school districts to share their good news.

Claxton Creative Social Media Services

Some call it Social Media, other purists have tried to call it Social Engagement. Whatever you want to call it, it’s immediate, it has tremendous impact, and many times, it’s proven to be ahead of event the mainstream press in times of emergency or national crisis, whether it’s the events surrounding the elections in Iran, the uprising in Cairo, the Miracle on the Hudson, to the death of Osama bin Laden.

And if you are in business and don’t have a Facebook landing page or a Twitter account, and more importantly, aren’t regularly watching #yourcompanyname hashtags or product names and how customers are referring to them, you’re missing critical information. In fact, lots of times bloggers or social medialites will tweet their dissatisfaction with your product to the world, their friends, their Wall, long before they’ll pick up a phone and call your 800-number, which may have been what set them off in the first place.

Social Media Platforms

We help you decide which social media platforms and strategies are best for you, your company or organization. We decide creative, customized landing pages for Facebook Pages, and Twitter backgrounds that reflect the appropriate messaging and persona. We also have a positive history of establishing significant networks around social media brands and user accounts.

Most likely if there’s an existing new social media app or Website, we’re already on it and giving it a trial.

Business Social Media

Let’s face it, CEOs of companies don’t have a lot of spare time and few these days are going to invest the time to learn about Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare, Gowalla, Whrrl, and on the list goes. But many are being suckered into day-long seminars where they’re being baited to sign up for a multi-month program that’s more beneficial to the provider than the company it’s supposed to serve.

We can save you, your CEO and those who have to deal with the results of social media companies that are taking advantage of their clients. Learn more about how and why we can make a difference to you, your company or organization.

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