Claxton Creative Promo SmartS3 Video Plugin Test

UPDATE:  We have the video working now, but there’s an audio track that goes with it.  We’ve sent a not to the plugin’s developer, John Morris, and think the problem is the setting in which we exported the video from Final Cut Express.  We’ll bring an update soon.

Hi, we are testing out the SmartS3 Video Plugin for WordPress here and have employed it on one of our client’s sites, now it’s time to begin using the Amazon super cloud for our work here, too.

[ss3_player bucket=”CCPromo1″ video=”” player=”vjs” height=”” width=”” expiry=”” autostart=”false” controlbar=”bottom” bufferlength=”10″ image=””]

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  1. Hey Donny!

    I responded to your email. I apologize for not getting back to you sooner… things have been pretty busy at work lately. Anyway, hopefully my response helps.



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