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10/01/2012–Atlanta: Maya Scholar Uses Something Never Predicted By The Ancient Maya–Book For The iPad

09/30/2012–Newspaper Highlights Technical Aspects of New Book For The iPad, Maya 2012 Prophecies

09/27/2012–Author Begins Tour Of East Coast Educating Public About Facts Of Maya 2012 Prophecies

09/24/2012–Dr. Mark Van Stone To Be In Palm Coast FL For Maya At The Playa

09/18/2012–How To Talk To Your Kids About The Ancient Maya, 2012 Prophecies

09/17/2012–Are Current World Events Tied To Maya Prophecy

09/11/2012–Ancient Maya Given New Life In Book For The iPad

03/29/2012–DFW Group Launches Kickstarter.com Campaign For Interactive Book on Machu Pichhu

03/07/2012–DFW Group Teams With Renowned Mayanist Dr. Mark Van Stone For 2012 Meme Interactive Book for the iPad

09/12/2011–‘Contagion’ Spreading in Nation’s Theaters, Texas Company Sharing Tools To Raise Awareness, Kill Germs

01/16/2011–Veronica Galaviz To Court Officers Thursday about Domestic Violence

01/14/2011–North Texas Faith Coach: Organized Religion Is In Trouble, It’s Missed The Boat

12/30/2010Veronica Galaviz Urging Lawmakers to Act, Law Enforcement to Get Serious

12/13/2010–Domestic Violence Organization Raises $1,300 in First Week of Fund-Raising

12/10/2010–North Texas Domestic Violence Survivor Starts Fighting Back

12/07/2010–Woman Almost Killed By Estranged Husband in April Launches Domestic Violence Site

11/29/2010–DFW DIY Divorce Through A Local Training Course Saves Money

11/26/2010–SantaCantGetSick.com’s Black Friday Special: 2-for-1 & Free Shipping for $9.95

11/16/2010–Cleanpen: Holiday Stocking Stuffer That Kills Germs about a revolutionary consumer product launch>

11/15/2010–Facebook’s email reform to further impact family conversation about St. Pete, FL Author Dr. Daisy Sutherland

10/27/2010–MLGW–A Peace of War about DFW Author Will Manning

10/27/2010–The first two chapters of MLGW–A Peace of War by DFW Author Will Manning

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