Interactive Magazine Design

Claxton Creative Interactive Magazine design services can be used to deliver some amazing new content to your tablet readers.  Because we can create the included content in-house, we can save you incredible costs and time.

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A Picture of a eBook

It can be argued which delivery system is more powerful–a book for iPad made with iBooks Author and one made for just about any table in the .Folio and .Issue formats that then convert over for sale in the App Store, Google Play and App World.  We can help you explore the options, the upsides and downsides of using this emerging format and decide which makes the most sense to you or your organization based on desired reach, interactivity options and cost.

But first, what is an Interactive Magazine formatted publication?

The Interactive Magazine formatted publication is for use exclusively on a tablet. Like the iBooks Author formatted book can only be opened on an iPad, Interactive Magazine pubs can only be opened on tablets. (That means computer desktops and smartphones are out.)

But on tablets they provide rich media experiences that help set them apart from the EPUB and PDF formatted publications that many publishers and magazines are limiting themselves to.

In this format, publications can be fully interactive and provide content that looks as crisp and sharp as printed magazine layouts, and they can include audio, video, 3D images, slideshows, offer zoom and panning capabilities, access to live web content, replaceable content and event scrolling regions within the work.  That can be captivating to your readers.

More Interactive Magazine Characteristics

  • Delivered as an app
  • Dynamic control over layout
  • The ability to layout the publication in separate or adaptive horizontal and vertical layouts which means flexibility in how your information is presented
  • Multiple layout options for different tablets


Interactive Magazine Limitations

  • Lack of control over font sizes
  • Because of the interactive media included in this format, file sizes tend to be rather large

We are ready to work with you to produce your next publication in the Interactive Magazine format. It is a solid platform for tablet publishing and one that’s use is expanding each day.  To schedule a consultation with Claxton Creative to build your next work in this format, please call us today at 972-863-8784.


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