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We are the future of learning!

Our specialty is the development of books for iPad using interactive images, HD videos, 3D animations and a host of other cool tools to make books that come alive right in your hands.

No other format available for books on mobile devices offers as much creative power as a book made with iBooks Author.

And while Apple reps advertise that you can make your own book using iBooks Author–technically, that’s true–you can also design your own materials using Adobe’s Photoshop, Google’s 3D SketchUp, etc.. That doesn’t mean you’re going to produce professional content that’s edited and ready the marketplace.

Call Claxton Creative today at 972-863-8784 to learn more about how we can bring your literary works to life using this relatively new creative tool.

Why Books for iPad So Advanced?

There are many reasons to hire Claxton Creative to design your next book for iPad.  Using Apple’s specially-designed software, your next book may include:

  • Short or full-length HD videos that enhance your storyline or demonstrate important points
  • 3D animations
  • Interactive charts, maps & graphs
  • End-of-chapter quizzes that demonstrate content mastery
  • Photo Galleries

This is an entirely different product than what is offered in EPUB formatted books and available as PDF text for eReaders.

What Are The Books for iPad Limitations?

  • Apple requires books sold that have been made with iBooks Author to be sold on the iBookstore.  Apple earns 30 percent on the sale of each book sold in the iBookstore.
  • Books made with iBooks Author are only available on iPads using the most recent versions of the iOS software and also require the use of iBooks 3
  • The file size of a book made in iBooks Author is limited to 2 GBs if it is going to be sold on the iBookstore
  • Creation of 3D and HD video productions can be costly if not carefully managed by a publisher like Claxton Creative
  • While Apple is excited to have new content added to the iBookstore, it can be a challenge to be listed in the Featured, Made With iBooks Author section of the store, thereby limiting your product’s exposure to being found only within the iBookstore’s search engines.



We Can Build Your Books for iPad.

Do you own the rights to your work?  Still looking for a publisher?  We want to talk with you.  Today.

Call us at 972-863-8784 and set up an online consultation about your book.  Depending on the amount of graphics, video and animations necessary, we can produce your book in a matter of a few months and have you in the marketplace with a first-of-its-kind of product that will have buzz, and interest from readers around the world, as well as the news media.

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